Colorado Highlights {denver, boulder, colorado springs photographer}

I had to wait until after Christmas to post these since a lot of them were for Christmas gifts and/or Christmas card. Didn’t want to spoil anyone’s surprise!

I grew up in Colorado, so it’s very near and dear to my heart. Since my parents moved, I don’t get to go back as often as I’d like, so it was a really fun trip. As my client base grows there, I’ll get to go back more frequently, so I’m very excited about that!!

Here are some highlights from my Colorado sessions…


This photograph is very near and dear to my heart. I babysat this family since the girls were babies and before their son was even born. They’re like my second kids/siblings, I love their family to death!! It was so fun to take their pictures. We had such a blast doing this shoot, even thought it was FA-REEZING COLD! (they hid their chilliness well!)

{Ryan & Richelle}

The fun part about this shoot was that it was for my Aunt and Uncle, it’s been so long since I’ve seen them I haven’t even met their kids! I brought my kiddo with me and we spent the whole day together. It was a good little reunion. I was also able to catch a few shots of my Aunt’s niece and nephew. This photo shoot was also FREEZING cold and WINDY! Such is Colorado…it may look purty outside, but not to be fooled…brrrr!!!

{Rulon & Donna}

Next up is my Grandparents. They are the best, I love them so much! We went to a really fun ‘country’ location. I love you guys!

{Cody & Katie}

Katie and I used to work together when we were in high school. We haven’t seen each other since we were like 17 or 18, craZy! It was so fun to see her–once again another FREEZING cold day!

{Adam & Shannon}

Ahhh! Is he not so scrumschous? So dang cute. What a fun shoot this one. Also a friend from high school, so so good to see you again Shannon!

Thank you thank you thank you all my wonderful Colorado clients! I’ll be coming back in March (end-ish) to do more shoots! View my scheduler to book your spot! I’ll only have room for about 5 shoots, so make sure to book now!

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