PINTEREST!! What it is, what to do with it, and why it rocks!

Pinterest. Have you heard the buzz yet? Curious? Wondering what all the fuss is about? Well I’m about to change your life. Haha. Pinterest as described by the Pinterest website… “Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.” Think of it as a virtual wall in your office with multiple ‘boards’ which organize things that you find inspiring, amazing, hillarious, disgusting, or noteworthy. Ever thumbed through a magazine ripping out pages that you wanted to keep? Maybe you put them up on a bullitein board for a while, or in a notebook or file cabinet. But how often do you come back to it? Or let alone remember where you put it?

Enter Pinterest.

Like to blog-stock? Search a million blogs looking at pretty pictures endlessly bookmarking DIY projects that you want to repeat? Well Pinterest is the perfect solution to keep track of all that ‘goodness’.

Basically, people ‘pin’ photos they see on the web that they like. Then they save that ‘pin’ to their own personal ‘pin board’ which are organized into categories such as “my style” “home decor” “cooking” etc. Then their ‘followers’ can see what they have pinned, pin the photos themselves, etc, so you can see what your friends or people you admire are ‘pinning’ and what they find to be inspiring and amazing.

It’s a wonderful way to waste a bunch of time.

No, but honestly, it’s inspiring. Just a whole bunch of eye candy and explosions of creativity all in one simple, lovely, easy to use place. It’s fabulous.

I love to go there to find ideas for photoshoots, wardrobe ideas, home decorating, color palettes, or just to get a good laugh. I have also found some very excellent DIY (do-it-yourself) projects that I’m just itching to try.

To get started with a Pinterest account, you actually ahve to request an invitation (ooohhh fancy!) OR you can have someone invite you. That someone can certainly be me. Email me and I’ll be happy to send you an invite (don’t be shy, I love making new friends).

After you’ve set up an account (easy peasy if you do it through your Facebook account), you can start pinning away! Make sure to follow people (like me!) on Pinterest to see what they find to be ‘pin-worthy’ as well.

How to pin photos to Pinterest that you find on the web. The absolute greatest compliment you can give me is to pin one of my pictures! This can be done two ways: either click the little “pin it” icon at the end of my posts (or after pictures if there are multiples) OR you can add the Pinterst button to your tool bar to pin any picture you see on the web.

WARNING: This is addicting. You will fall in love. Trust me on this. Don’t blame me. I did warn you.:)

Have fun.

Happy pinning. Don’t forget to Follow Me on Pinterest!!!

Pin It

*note, I did NOT take this picture, it’s from iStock* just fyi…

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