Your Photo Shoot…

Two common questions I get from clients are:

1. Where should I have my pictures taken?


2. What should I (we) wear?

Where to have your family portraits taken:

As a photographer, I like to go to locations that bring out your family’s personality. Sometimes the most obscure, unknown places make for the best photo backdrops. This really comes down to what type of pictures are you looking to get? Classic? Fun? Funky? Urban? Romantic? I love textures, cool arictecture, old obsurce objects, anything that can really add character to a photo. I would be happy to suggest a few locations for you, otherwise, you just let me know where you’d like your photos taken!

What to wear??

I cannot (and will not) tell my clients what to wear. What I might like is not necessarily what you might like, plus I have no idea what you have in your wardrobe (that’d be a little freaky if I did). So my best advice…wear your favorite outfit. What do you feel most comfortable in? If you love what you’re wearing, you’ll love it in the photos, and the same is true if you hate what you’re wearing.

As far as ‘coordinating’ for families and couples, I say coordinate, but don’t go too ‘matchy-matchy’. Well what the heck does that mean? You wouldn’t want to wear colors that clash, or wear a fancy dress and have your spouse wear a t-shirt and jeans. Make sure everyone has the same ‘look’ but don’t go over-board wearing the same thing. I think it’s fun if there are a few prints mixed with some solids in the group. Accessorize! Accessories can make a photo fun and you can also take them off for a few shots. Color? I love color. If you want to go black and white, maybe throw in a chunky red necklace, or blue high heels, something to accentuate the photo. Kids clothing? I love over the top. Fun clothing = fun pictures. But again, it’s up to you. Go with the same motto for your kids–what do you love them in? What really brings out their personality?

Another thing to think about is what are these pictures for? If they are going to be blown up and framed in your house, and your walls are yellow, make sure your outfits coordinate with the room so your photos will look nice on the wall. Are they for a holiday card? Your child’s 1st birthday? A wedding announcement?

The name of the game is you you YOU. These are your photos, make them all about you! (This may take a little soul searching to find out what styles you really love)


Go a little bolder with your makeup than you would on an average day. Why? Photos tend to naturally ‘soften’ features. A little more makeup than normal will help bring out your best features! Make sure to bring some extra lipstick or gloss with you if you feel you’ll need to reapply it.


When my husband suggested bringing an umbrella to our engagement shoot I thought he was crazy (it was the middle of May!). But it turned out super fun and we ended up loving the photos with the umbrella! (He’s a smart guy). When it comes to props, I say the more the merrier! Let’s incorporate your favorite antique chair into an urban background, how about your child’s favorite stuffed animal or story book? If you have an idea for a great prop, bring it along and we’ll try and incorporate it into your shoot.

Day of your shoot

Come to your photo shoot rested, relaxed and with an open mind! When my photographer suggested I lay down in front of the entrance to a popular restaurant (while I was in a swim suit), I thought she was crazy, but the pictures turned out AMAZING! As photographers, we see things through our lenses that may not be as obvious until after the photo, so go with the flow, I promise you’ll get some awesome shots! And bonus– we will have lots of fun!

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